Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The farm in July

Larry the snakey snake

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOA. THIS fella - length: four & a half to five feet - was caught red-handed today robbing eggs. He just peeked up out of the nest box, so I had to wrangle 'im outta there. He's been rusticated, banished to Tannehill State Park, about a mile away. There to frolic and subsist on what mother nature provides in the form of voles and whatnot.

Actually, we've known this snake for a while, seeing him occasionally slinking round the front yard and hanging out in our shed. We'd even named him: Larry. We thought he was keeping the rats out of the feed, and maybe he was, but it was clear today that we were working at cross purposes on the chicken front.

Poor Larry, we'll miss you.