Wednesday, April 22, 2009

winter finally loosening his deathly grip...

We're nothing if not ambitious this season. We've invested in some good irrigation to do the majority of our growin' in our lower field, alongside (what I'm calling) Fancy Creek, and now that winter has finally moved on, we got lots of planting and transplanting to do. Yay!

Spotted in the greens patch! Get back to work! Those broccolis aren't going to weed themselves!

AH, SPRING! And the strawberries are very much IN at the moment, which has made for lots of crepuscular pickin' sessions after work. We're trying to freeze 30 gallons.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The greenhouse: baby plants germinating & taking their first little breaths of CO2. Waiting for that frost date, which seems so far away - April 15th seems outrageous for Alabama, but we tend to have late cold snaps. We'll no doubt break down and put out tons of things and then run around covering things at least once.